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Bedford Residents Call Massey & Clay, PLC for Personal Injury

When you are looking for a personal injury attorney who serves the Bedford, Virginia, area, look no further than Michael B. Massey, and Ronnie L. Clay. The attorneys of Massey & Clay, PLC serve persons injured at work or in accidents. We understand your frustration after you are hurt or lose a loved one due to an accident or injury and seek to find justice and compensation.

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Massey & Clay, PLC: Effective Results for Bedford Clients

Residents of the Bedford, Virginia, area can contact the law offices of Massey & Clay, PLC, for legal services. Our attorneys have offered effective results and proactive legal action since 1939, when our business was established. We encourage you to call for a consultation to review matters relating to criminal defense, personal injury, real estate, or family law. Call Massey & Clay, PLC today if you are in:

Real Estate Attorney Serving the Bedford County, Virginia, Area

Massey & Clay, PLC, handles residential and commercial real estate matters for clients in Bedford County, Virginia. We offer full real estate services for when you want to purchase a new home for your family. Our attorneys are skilled with commercial real estate matters, too. Simply call to schedule an appointment regarding your realty matters. We can offer representation throughout the real estate sales or leasing process, to:

Bedford and Bedford County-Area Criminal Defense Attorneys

Call our law offices when you need effective criminal defense strategies. If you are charged with criminal offenses by law enforcement, our attorneys Michael B. Massey, and Ronnie L. Clay know you value your rights and freedoms. Massey & Clay, PLC defense attorneys listen to prospective Bedford County-area clients and represent them on cases in local, state, and federal courts. We prioritize criminal defense matters as our way of protecting your civil rights in Bedford, Virginia.

Bedford, Virginia, Family Law Attorney for Custody, Wills, & Trusts

The law offices of Massey & Clay, PLC, cover matters relating to family law and estates. Our attorneys offer sound legal advice and negotiation skills you can trust. Bedford, Virginia, residents can obtain representation on child custody agreements, support modifications, their last will and testament, or establishing a trust. Call us today for skilled solutions to important family law matters.

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