Attorney for Drug Crimes, Possession, and Trafficking in VA Courts

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Strong Criminal Defense on Drug Crime Offenses in Virginia

Massey & Clay, PLC, offers clients strong criminal defense on drug crimes in Virginia. Whether you face state or federal offenses for possession, trafficking, or conspiracy, our attorneys are available to meet with you and review your options. Consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney at Massey & Clay, PLC, at (800)-218-5409 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

Let our skilled attorney fight for your defense on criminal drug charges.

Strong Criminal Defense for Drug Possession and Trafficking Offenses

Virginia residents who face charges related to drug possession, trafficking, or conspiracy crimes can call Massey & Clay, PLC. When law enforcement apprehends you for a drug offense, you need a lawyer who knows how to protect your rights. Our attorneys offer strong criminal defense for drug crimes like possession and trafficking. Local and federal agencies may combine forces to crack down on illegal drug activity. So, county, state, and federal law enforcement (DEA) operations may target individual offenders or suspected groups.

Insight on Defense Strategies for Drug Offense Charges in VA

As mentioned, law enforcement may apprehend individuals, groups or gangs involved in distributing narcotics and other controlled substances. These ‘drug sweeps’ occur as part of a wider net of enforcement to reduce trafficking, distribution, and more. Police may also confiscate weapons, personal property, or vehicles associated with an investigation, sweep, or seizure. In order for our attorneys to provide you with effective defense, it would be helpful to know the following:

These aspects and more must be discussed with our attorney to provide the most effective defense strategy appropriate for your matter. Contact us today!