US Route 460 in VA Traffic Accident Attorneys

Traffic Accident Matters Require Legal Help to Avoid Penalties

Traffic accidents on US Route 460 in Virginia can bring offense charges, license suspension, jail sentences, and high fines as punishments. The attorneys of Massey & Clay, P.L.C, provide years of experience helping drivers charged with involvement in causing traffic accidents or who are arrested for DUI offenses, speeding, and reckless driving matters.

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Traffic Accidents with Injuries on US 460 in VA

As personal injury attorneys, we offer experience helping clients throughout the Roanoke region involved in traffic accidents on US 460. You may have recourse under negligence laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Massey & Clay, PLC serves clients injured on US 460 in traffic accidents from any type of motor vehicle, especially if negligent factors cause the accident, such as:

Our Automobile Accident page has more information about our services. You may be eligible to receive compensation for injuries and damages. We advise clients that Virginia law provides only a limited time in which to file traffic accident injury claims. Arrange to speak with us today about your traffic accident matter in the Roanoke region with Massey & Clay, PLC, today.

Tickets for Speeding on US Route 460 in Roanoke County

Vehicle operators cited for speeding on US Route 460 in the Roanoke County area can call on the legal expertise of Massey & Clay, PLC. Review your speeding situation with one of our attorneys to know where you stand. Virginia’s demerit point system, classifies reckless driving penalties at six demerit points*. Other charges for speeding 10-19 mph over the limit incur four demerit points. Speeding 1-9 mph over the speed limit or improper driving, result in three demerit points. Other penalties for speeding and reckless driving may include:

*Most Judges in our area impose jail time on speeds of over 90 mph.

Reckless Driving on US Route 460 in Roanoke County, VA

As mentioned above, reckless driving offenses can bring a number of significant penalties. Most reckless driving is caused by speeding, so statute 46.2-862 allows authorities to cite drivers for reckless driving for going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or as much as 80 miles per hour over the limit on US Route 460. With the large volume of traffic on the Roanoke County roadways, these reckless driving citations can occur regularly.

Being convicted of reckless driving can result in the loss of jobs requiring a CDL or good driving record, loss of a security clearance, and disqualification from jobs involving law enforcement or public agencies. Conviction can also drive up your insurance rates. The attorneys and staff at Massey & Clay, PLC, offer legal services to drivers cited for reckless driving on US Route 460 in Roanoke County. Call Massey & Clay, PLC, today at (800)-218-5409 to review your reckless driving matter.

DUI Offenses on US Route 460 Can Result in License Suspension

Suspicion of driving under the influence is a serious matter, whether you are involved in an accident or the police happen to pull you over. If you are arrested on a DUI offense on US Route 460 in the Roanoke area, you may face possible misdemeanor or felony charges. These carry significant penalties, such as license suspensions, fines, and more.
There are many factors to individual DUI cases that may require jail sentences or other additional punishments.

Contact the DUI attorneys at Massey & Clay, PLC today to consult with a lawyer for knowledgeable advice. We can let you know the most likely consequences of a conviction. Some drivers apprehended for DUI on US Route 460 make the mistake of not taking a traffic ticket seriously, and this can result in the loss of many aspects of their liberty. So, be sure to contact us right away with any questions you have about DUI traffic tickets on US Route 460 in the Roanoke area.

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