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Massey & Clay, PLC Cares About the Rights of Minors

When we say we care about your rights, this extends to everyone—including the rights of minor children, those age 18 and under, throughout the Commonwealth. Massey & Clay, PLC, offer families in Fincastle, VA, Salem, VA, and surrounding areas the care and experience that comes from years in court. We share a history of upholding the rights of minors in all types of juvenile defense matters. Our attorneys work to stop the school-to-prison pipeline, and keep the rights, liberties, and innocence of young people first and foremost in connection to the law.

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Young People Deserve Full Representation on Juvenile Charges

The number of juvenile charges is on the rise throughout Virginia. This is due in part to the protected class status of many citizens who seek to file juvenile charges instead of working to mediate issues before going to court. Attorneys at Massey & Clay, PLC will work diligently on each criminal law matter involving juvenile offenders to minimize the effect on their lives and your family. Whether the offense takes place at home, school, or out in the general community, we seek to uphold their full representation in court.

Juvenile Justice Requires Special Care from Massey & Clay, PLC

Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia provide for the special handling of juvenile matters in the juvenile and domestic relations district court. Massey & Clay, PLC attorneys offer sound representation to juveniles and their families in cases involving:

Virginia Law and Juvenile Matters in Fincastle & Salem, Virginia

The Virginia Code maintains that juveniles differ from adults in terms of level of responsibility and rehabilitation potential. There is underlying concern with public safety and holding juvenile offenders accountable for their actions. Along with this, there is greater emphasis on rehabilitation than on punishment in the juvenile justice system. Consult with an attorney from Massey & Clay, PLC today. Call our offices in Fincastle and Salem regarding any type of juvenile charges involving criminal matters at (800)-218-5409 or contact us online to request an appointment.