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Personal Injury Attorneys Who Care for Vinton-Area Residents

Virginia attorneys Michael B. Massey, and Ronnie L. Clay know how important legal services can be when you are hurt in an accident. The law offices of Massey & Clay, PLC care about Vinton-area neighbors who are hurt in vehicle accidents or on the job. We listen to your concerns and frustrations during your consultation. Then, we get to work on resolving insurance delays to achieve meaningful justice and compensation. Vinton-area neighbors who lose loved ones in wrongful death incidents can be in dire straits while waiting for settlements to finalize. Count on the personal injury attorneys at Massey & Clay, PLC for the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

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Massey & Clay, PLC: A History of Results for Clients

Residents in the area of Vinton, Virginia, can contact the law offices of Massey & Clay, PLC, for proactive legal services. Our law firm holds a history of finding effective solutions for clients in Vinton, Stewartsville, and the surrounding areas. This regional service goes back to our founding in 1939. We encourage you to call for a consultation to review criminal defense, personal injury, real estate, or family law matters. We are here for you, so give Massey & Clay, PLC a call today.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Stewartsville, VA

Our experience in business spans eight decades, so clients trust the attorneys of Massey & Clay, PLC, to handle residential and commercial real estate matters. We offer full real estate services, whether you plan to purchase a family home, or are in the market of securing a lease on a more expansive property for your business. Our attorneys consult with clients in Stewartsville, Vinton, and the surrounding area on realty matters. We can offer representation throughout the real estate process to:

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Vinton, VA & Stewartsville, VA

Attorneys Michael B. Massey, and Ronnie L. Clay know how highly Vinton-area clients value their rights and freedom. Call us for top criminal defense strategies when law enforcement apprehends or charges you with criminal offenses in Vinton, VA, Stewartsville, VA, or the surrounding region. Massey & Clay, PLC defense attorneys listen to prospective clients and represent area residents with cases in local, state, and federal courts. We give criminal defense matters the priority they require because it is our way of helping to protect your civil rights and freedom.

Vinton, Virginia, Family Law Attorney for Divorce, Custody, & Wills

When you need a reliable and knowledgeable family law attorney who serves the Vinton, Virginia, region, call Massey & Clay, PLC. Our attorneys offer sound legal advice and negotiation skills you can trust. We can represent you on important family law matters like divorce, child custody and support agreements, and modifications. Attorneys Massey & Clay, PLC also assist with estate law matters like wills and advance directives. Our attorneys also help to establish trusts that help you provide care for loved ones now and into the future. Call today to resolve your family law matter with confidence.

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