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Challenging Intoxication Can Mean Standing Up for Your Rights

Driving under the influence on roads in the Commonwealth of Virginia can leave drivers with tickets that range from a first-offense fine up to jail time and other restrictions. Attorneys at Massey & Clay, PLC work with Virginia drivers facing DUI offenses on a case-by-case basis. The outcomes of DUI cases will vary based upon the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC), interaction with law enforcement officers, severity of impairment, and prior offenses.

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Possible DUI-Related Fines and Punishments in Virginia

Much of your defense for DUI will depend on whether you have a prior record of driving under the influence. At a minimum the following punishments are required if convicted:
There are many factors that impact DUI cases, some of which require jail sentences or other additional punishments.

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Misdemeanor DUI or Felony DUI Charges Require Representation

Some drivers make the mistake of not taking a traffic ticket seriously. However, under certain circumstances, traffic tickets and in particular a Roanoke, Salem, or Botetourt speeding ticket can result in misdemeanor charges. A serious accident involving DUI that results in major injury or death can result in possible felony charges. In all traffic cases, a consultation with one of our lawyers will offer the best advice on whether a reasonable defense exists in your case or to inform you of the most likely consequences of a conviction. Contact us today about DUI traffic tickets in Roanoke and Botetourt areas.

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