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When Covington residents need strategic options on criminal defense matters, our attorneys David B. Spigle, Michael B. Massey, and Ronnie L. Clay can help. We understand how much freedom means when you face criminal charges in local, state, or federal court. Our defense attorneys listen to Alleghany County clients and evaluate each matter. We review the best way to offer effective representation. Count on our criminal defense attorneys to protect your rights. Request an appointment today by calling (800)-218-5409 or contact us online. In addition to defense, our law offices can assist you on other legal matters in Alleghany County:

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Residents of Alleghany County, VA, in Covington and surrounding areas, can contact the law offices of Spigle, Massey & Clay, PLC, for legal advice and representation. Our law firm has eight decades of business experience to offer clients in Alleghany County. Since we started business in 1939, our attorneys have provided excellence in legal services for criminal defense, and prompt attention to personal injury, real estate, and family law matters. Trust Spigle, Massey & Clay, PLC for effective legal solutions, serving clients throughout the region and in these areas of Alleghany County:

Virginia Real Estate Attorney Serving Covington, Selma, Crows, & More

When Alleghany County residents and business owners require legal assistance on real estate matters, they call on the attorneys at Spigle, Massey & Clay, PLC. Serving the areas of Covington, Selma, Crows, and other areas of Alleghany County, our law firm offers reliable advice and representation. Real estate transactions can be time-sensitive throughout the process. Our real estate attorneys can help with a home purchase in Boiling Spring or new business location in Iron Gate. Do not delay—call today to schedule an appointment with one of our real estate attorneys. For representation on any aspect of the sales or leasing process, we can:

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Attorneys David B. Spigle, Michael B. Massey, and Ronnie L. Clay understand the frustrations of people with injuries in Covington and Allegheny County, VA. If you are hurt or have lost a loved one due to wrongful death from negligence, you expect prompt attention and settlement from insurance claims. Call the personal injury attorneys at Spigle, Massey & Clay, PLC for legal help that gets results for persons injured in work-related accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and other incidents of negligence.

Covington-Area Family Law Attorney for Divorce, Custody, Wills, & Trusts

Spigle, Massey & Clay, PLC, law offices have family law attorneys to assist clients going through changes in their family or estate. Our experienced attorneys serve the Covington area, Alleghany County, and the greater Roanoke region of Virginia, offering sound legal advice and negotiation skills. Take advantage of our legal experience for your divorce matter, or to establish or modify child custody or support arrangements. Call Spigle, Massey & Clay, PLC when you are ready to work on your last will and testament, or wish to establish a trust to care for your loved one or estate. We look forward to hearing from clients in Allegheny County, so give us a call today.

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